Monday, July 23, 2012

War Horse

The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but victory belongs to the Lord. (Prov 21:31) As I go into the fray this day I reflect on what part a horse has in the day of battle. It is to deliver the warrior to the battleground. What preparation must the horse undergo? What is necessary for the horse to fulfill his part? The horse must be rested, groomed, fed, and watered. Another necessary part in the horse’s success is to be encouraged. It is to be spurred on…to hear the voice of his rider…the warrior…urging the horse to advance or to slow down or to hold up. The horse is to know that it must not go out onto the chaotic battlefield and run as though the warrior does not have control…the horse is trained to fly into the fight with fear under control. This word is our word today…there is a battle before us…we are the horses…the Lord is the Warrior. I feed on His word…I drink in His spirit…I rest in the LORD. How far and how fast we advance is under the authority of the LORD…We are to be prepared…groomed for the skirmish…for the LORD’s victory. I celebrate You today, O Lord. You are victorious…we serve at Your command…the victory cannot fail. You are God Most High…the LORD of Glory. And I am... a warhorse!