Monday, February 4, 2013

Helpers Who Hinder

Women must likewise be dignified, not malicious gossips, but temperate, faithful in all things. (1 Timothy 3:11)

What women are in view here? I believe it is the wives of the deacons. The wife of the deacon, or the elder for that matter, is a great asset or a destructive attachment. The deacon who serves faithfully and has a wife who gossips maliciously will cancel each other out when it comes to spiritual service. Imagine trusting someone with an embarrassing issue and then hearing about it as it is spread throughout the church grapevine. Trust me, when one is the subject of church gossip, it is an offense of the highest order that will kill the growth of the church. What is faster than malicious gossip is a message that spreads within the community or the church itself. This rapid message is that you cannot trust the leadership. But a dignified woman will protect the dignity of those suffering in affliction. A temperate woman is a woman who is moderate in her response to others within and without the church. She is not easily excited or emotionally unstable. She will be temperate and even when expressing emotions, will not allow her emotions to rule her. Finally she will be faithful in all things. Faithful to the One who gives her faith. When we know that we must answer to Jesus for the trust that is placed in us as ministers, it is a humbling experience. Imagine standing before the Lord and being required to repeat any malicious gossip we have put forth. It is quite sobering in thought and not beyond the realm of possibilities. The Lord loves those who are bound and brokenhearted. The Lord loves those entrusted with their care. The Lord loves a dignified, temperate and faithful servant. And if you are called to be the wife of the spiritual leader please know this is a high calling. And the first calling of a wife is to be a helper to the husband. When a wife is a malicious gossip it literally means that she is speaking evil. She does not help the church and certainly is a hindrance to the husband. Be a is Christ that you serve.